Chittagong Skills Development Centre (CSDC) is the first industry-led, non-profit skills training centre in Bangladesh. As a pioneering private-public partnership, CSDC strives to strategically develop the nation's workforce by catering to the ICT, Manufacturing and Service sectors' present and future skill needs.

The centre's industry-focused skills training aims to galvanize the nation's abundant human resource to boost industrial productivity and growth. By strategically leveraging the nation's cost-effective labor base into a skilled workforce, CSDC will help add greater value to existing and future Foreign Direct Investments, while strengthening Bangladesh's global competitiveness. A broader skilled workforce will further expand and attract multinational and ICT manufacturing in Bangladesh for regional markets.

CSDC seeks to grow the skilled labor pool by providing high quality, cost-effective, valued-added skills training to its corporate members and other private companies. Its services will develop entry-level to senior management employees; as well as university and vocational school graduates.

CSDC's high quality, cost-saving advantage stems from its corporate members sharing their training resources, technologies, trainers, space and equipment; while also actively developing, assessing and dynamically improving training programmes. This ensures demand-driven, timely and calibrated training, with neither the overhead investment and delay of building a brand new centre; nor the uncertain value of external training vendors.

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