Saifuzzaman Chowdhury
As a Founder Member of the Society, it is an immense pleasure for me to note that CSDC is formally going to launch its operations and services in Chittagong. Against the backdrop globalization and liberalization of world economy, international trade has become intensely competitive and highly knowledge based. To cope with and survive in this competitive and highly challenging global business environment, our entrepreneurs have to be very prudent and proactive.They are to be constantly pursuing a policy of comprehensive capacity building in terms of new technology acquisition, adoption of modern managerial tools and techniques, attainment of best management practice, and skill and efficiency development of the company employees. But in order to achieve competence and expertise of these aspects, undergoing continuous training programmes is a must.

However, it is a heart-felt truth that prior to the establishment of CSDC, there was no such institutional attempt in Chittagong to take care of the need of integrated employee education and industrial skill training to help cope with our industries in this highly competitive international business arena. I belive that the CSDC would immensely contribute in promoting and bringing momentum to the sustainable growth of manufacturing and service industries by best catering to their growing needs for skills training and professional development. I wish the inauguration of CSDC a great success in its objective realization.
Saifuzzaman Chowdhury
President, Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ahmad Bin Ismail
It gives me an immense pleasure to know that Chittagong Skills Development Centre (CSDC) is going to officiate in Chittagong aiming to provide the highest quality, most-affective, valu-added skills training to the nation's abundant human resources. I extend my warmest felicitations for this commendable initiative. On behalf of
Hugue M. Cornez
Alcatel has a long tradition of providing training to its employees, customers as well as business partners. Alcatel University is a concept developed in-house has proven a valuable tool for the constant improvement of both our employees and our customers in every part of the world. We are happy to take part in the CSDC initiative as it falls in line with our own
AKTEL, I would like to convery my best wishes to the steering committee and hope this praise worthy initiative will add a momentum to develop skillful manpower to support future industrial development of Bangladesh.
philosophy of continuos learning and improvement. We wish every success to this innovative enterprise and are committed to provide the necessary support for achieving success.

Ahmad Bin Ismail

Managing Director, AKTEL
Hugue M. Cornez
Country Senior Officer- Bangladesh, ALCATEL

Abdul Matlub Ahmad
It gives me great pleasure to extend my congratulation and best wishes to the Chittagong Skills Development Centre (CSDC), Chittagong on the occassion of the launching ceremony of its Training Services.

As i understand, CSDC is the first industry-
Wang Shengnium
"It is a great honor to become a sponsor member of CSDC. With magnificient growth of telecommunication industry in Bangladesh, we needed a professional HR development organization which would create a new pool of technically skilled people. The timely formation of CSDC will bring greater opportunities for the people of the country and for the companies
led non-profit skills training centre in Bangladesh which is established to undertake cost effective training and educational programmes for the industrial workforce in the country.

I am glad to know that Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BMCCI), being a non-profit service oriented organization has been associated with CSDC to support the implementation of human resource development programmes in Bangladesh. I wish its every success.
operating at the telecom sector, creating a win-win situation. We wish CSDC a great success in the days to come"

Abdul Matlub Ahmad
President, Bangladesh-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Wang Shengnium
Chief Representative, Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd

Arun Bansal
Ericsson is delighted to be a part of Chittagong Skills Development Centre. There was a need for multidisciplinary skills development centre offering high-quality cost-effective skills trainings, driven by the demands of the industry. This is an examplary inititative where the corporate, development and government sectors have
Brig. Gen. Aftab Uddin Ahmad(Retd.)
UCEP as a leading Human Resource Development Organization which is providing skills development training to thousands of underprivileged is proud to be associated with the founding of CSDC.

CSDC will fill in the great gap of skilled manpower which exist in the industrial sector.
come together for a common cause. Ericsson is committed to develop world class telecom competence through specific courses for the local people. I congratulate CSDC and wish it a grand success.
We feel CSDC will open up avenues for taking in the skilled graduates of UCEP for further development of their skills and help in addressing the industrial needs of the country. We wish CSDC all the success and God Speed.
Arun Bansal
Managing Director, LM Ericsson Bangladesh Limited
Brig. Gen. Aftab Uddin Ahmad(Retd.)
Executive Director, UCEP

Nader Khan
It is a recognized fact that Bangladesh cannot its rich human resources to the full extend for national development due to lack of skill development. This is a hard relization every entrepreneur is facing in the country.

CSDC's aim focused to grow skill
Brig. Gen. Aftab Uddin Ahmad(Retd.)
Quality Human Resource is the cutting edge of this modern telecommunication field. ZTE University in Shenzhen presents professional training facilities and faculties for developing such experts. We always feel the social responsibility and took a step ahead to develop Technical experts for b angladesh. We hope, with CSDC we will be able to build brilliant
development amongst the labourers by providing value added high quality training appears to be a most appropriate step towards human resources development of the nation's workforce, as this will benefit both the trained workers as well as the enterprises using their services. Furthermore the corporate members sharing their training resources, technologies and trainers will expand the overall knowledge base to meet the skill needs of the industries and business.

I am very optimistic about the contribution and support of CSDC will make in the field of human resource development wish them all the success in their activities.
technical training platform in Bangladesh.I also believe CSDC with its other resources will play a distinct role for developing skilled manpower. I am wishing CSDC a continuous success.
Nader Khan
Managing Director, Pedrollo nk Bangladesh
Michael Wang
CEO, ZTE Corporation - Bangladesh Office