CSDC is registered as a Non-Profit Society and operates as a private, industry-managed business. Its Board of Directors is comprised of member organizations' CEOs and Presidents, who closely develop and guide the centre's long-term strategy and management operations. Member organizations' HR Managers form sector-based working groups to determine and develop the precise training services to fulfill members' skill needs.

CSDC's organizational model is based on the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) in Penang, Malaysia. PSDC brings a successful 17-year track record of industry-based skills training, having helped Penang become a world-class hi-tech manufacturing region, and expanded the nation's skilled workforce and industrial development.

CSDC strives to replicate this success in Chittagong, and subsequently in Dhaka and other industrial regions nationwide. Contrary to conventional wisdom, CSDC's members strategically established the first centre in the Port-City, as it develops into the nation's manufacturing and commercial centre, an economic corridor and a regional trade gateway.

The centre will operate through its yearly membership fees and "training cost-plus," i.e. the actual cost to conduct its programmes with a margin to sustain the CSDC's operations. The World Bank is providing technical assistance by actively identifying donor funding and launching grants for the Centre.