CSDC was conceived when A. K. Khan & Co. Ltd. Managing Director and then Telekom Malaysia International CEO recognized the need for skilled labor to sustain Bangladesh's expanding manufacturing base and meet the acute shortage of skilled professionals in the rapidly growing telecommunications industry.

In June 2004, A. K. Khan Foundation, Aktel and Telekom Malaysia appointed The Penang Skills Development Centre - PSDC, to prepare a Study on Chittagong's training needs and the feasibility of establishing an industry-led Skills Development Centre. In December 2004, the PSDC Consultancy team, led by CEO Dato Boonler Somchit, surveyed a cross-section of Chittagong companies including Export Processing Zone (EPZ) based Garments, Plastics, Electronics and Metal; as well as the BOI and the World Bank.

In April 2005, the CSDC Seminar was held at the Chittagong Chamber of Commerce and Industry, attended by the BOI Chairman along with local and multinational business leaders. The Seminar reported the study's findings, and gauged the Industry's willingness to participate in workforce skills development through CSDC. The Seminar affirmed the Industry, Government and Academia's commitment; and a Steering Committee was established to formulate CSDC's services and management.

BOI Chairman Mr. Mahmudur Rahman
as Chief Guest at the CSDC Seminar

Steering Committee members
at a meeting in Chittagong
The Steering Committee, comprised of A.K.Khan & Company Ltd., Aktel, Alcatel, Ericsson, Huawei, Pedrollo, Ispahani Group, Island Securities, BOI, World Bank, UCEP and Chittagong Technical Training Centre; convened in September 2005. The Committee met monthly in Chittagong to develop CSDC's strategic objectives, secure membership and financing; facilitate the ICT Working Group and officially operationalize the centre by July 2006.