Gsm fundamentals: Fiber Optic Transmission– Level 1

Course Description

This course enables participants to understand the fundamentals of an Optical Transmission System including: Fibre Optics Basics, SDH Optical Networking, DWDM Technology, an Overview of Optical Link Engineering, and Multi Vendor Limits of Operations

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    2 Days
    12 – 15
    Mohammad Abu Taher
    LEARNING Methodologies
  • Exercises
  • Facilitator Feedback
  • Lecture & Discussion
  • Peer Feedback
  • Site Visit
  • Test
    Target Audience
  • Entry-Level Engineer



Learning CONTENT

  • Fibre Optics Basics
    o SDH Optical Networking
    o Structure of Transmission Networks
    o PDH, SDH Technologies
    o Equipment configurations and architecture
    o NMS/TMN

  • DWDM Technology
    o Optical Amplifiers
    o Optical Channel Protection in DWDM

  • Optical Linkages
    o Power Budgets
    o Optical Sources
    o Optical Cable Technologies
    o Multi Vendor Limits of Operations

KEY Learning Outcomes

On completion of this section, the learner will be able to:

  • Utilize a fundamental knowledge fibre optic technology towards technical expectations and responsibilities in his job role
  • Apply optical networking configuration and architecture principles
  • Understand concepts of optical linkages and DWDM technologies to perform basic operational maintenance
  • Recognize various operational limits with optical fibre communications and networking