Gsm fundamentals: infrastructure, site acquisition & civil work - level 21

Course Description

This course continues the basic principles learned in INFRCVL1 to further expand on each project development stage when working with infrastructure, site acquisitions, and civil work.

The concepts are especially designed to target professionals directly involved in performing the tasks, or are responsible for supervising such teams.

Prerequisite: INFRCVL1

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    2 Days
    12 – 15
    AKTEL Facilitator
    LEARNING Methodologies
  • Exercises
  • Facilitator Feedback
  • Lecture & Discussion
  • Peer Feedback
  • Site Visit
  • Test
    Target Audience
  • Entry-Level Engineer
  • Manager



Learning CONTENT

  • Pre Construction
    o Project Requirement from Client
    o Proposed Project Brief
    o Project Design
    o Call Tender/Quotation

  • Project Implementation

    o Project Construction, Testing, & Commissioning
    o Project Handover

  • Post Construction

    o Project Operation

KEY Learning Outcomes

On completion of this section, the learner will be able to:

  • Detail the specific steps involved in a site acquisition project
  • Understand the relationship between project stages to lead multiple team members in project implementation
  • Apply and manage project operational steps and procedures before and after a construction project