Gsm fundamentals: infrastructure, site acquisition & civil work - level 1

Course Description

This course enables participants to understand the key elements of civil work projects: including site acquisition and pre-construction, construction and post-construction considerations.


Learning CONTENT

  • Introduction to Projects
    o Project Phases
    o Project Activities
    o Project Feasibility

  • Project Development Phases
    o Site Acquisition
    o Pre-Construction
    o Construction
    o Post-Construction

KEY Learning Outcomes

On completion of this section, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify different types of projects, and activities involved in a project
  • Understand how to perform a feasibility study on a project
  • Identify different phases of a project
  • Understand basics and types of site acquisitions
  • Understand hindrances involved in a site acquisition process
  • Understand pre-construction, construction, and post-construction stages
  • Understand indices, obstacles and feasibility factors at each stage

      Tk. 6,000 pax
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      2 Days
      12 – 15
      Kazi Md. Aseem
      LEARNING Methodologies
    • Exercises
    • Facilitator Feedback
    • Lecture & Discussion
    • Peer Feedback
    • Site Visit
    • Test
      Target Audience
    • Entry-Level Engineer