Gsm fundamentals: Basic GSM: Signaling, Protocol, & Applications - Level 2

Course Description

This course expands on basic knowledge learned in Basic GSM Level 1. Topics include exploring different GSM signalling systems, communication flows, and different types of interfaces. The course also identifies handover issues and optimization processes associated with GSM technology.

Prerequisite: BSCGSM1


Learning CONTENT

  • GSM Switching System Basics
    o MTP
    o SCCP
    o ISUP
  • GSM Communication Flow
  • GSM Interface Analysis
  • GSM Coverage Fault Analysis
  • GSM Handover Issues
  • GSM RN Optimization

    KEY Learning Outcomes

    On completion of this section, the learner will be able to:

    • Deepen understanding of GSM technology by learning about different signalling systems
    • Understand the communications process in GSM
    • Identify typical issues with GSM handovers
    • Apply principles to perform interface, coverage fault, and optimization analyses
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      2 Days
      12 – 15
      Huawei Facilitator
      LEARNING Methodologies
    • Exercises
    • Facilitator Feedback
    • Lecture & Discussion
    • Peer Feedback
    • Test
      Target Audience
    • Entry-Level Engineer
    • Manager