Open Source Software (OSS) Fundamentals

Course Description

Basic Microwave Propagation & Microwave Link Installation course enables participants to understand basic concepts of microwave propagation and various microwave terminologies (i.e. RSL, threshold, polarization, protection etc).

This course also helps participant to gain a fundamental understanding on operating principle and all recommended installation rules for microwave equipments installation.


Learning CONTENT

  • Introduction to Microwave System
    o Radio Frequency Bands
    o Microwave Band
    o Microwave Protection
    o Microwave Propagation
    o Polarization, Fresnel zone, fading, link budget

  • Microwave System Terminologies
  • Common installation practice for microwave link
  • Power connection
  • Cable laying
  • Grounding and best grounding practices

KEY Learning Outcomes

On completion of this section, the learner will be able to:

  • Serve in microwave transmission related work efficiently & effectively
  • Conquer the misconceptions on microwave links
  • Apply principles to avoid wrong installation


      Tk. 5,000 pax
      15% Member Discount

      2 Days
      12 – 15
      AKTEL Facilitator
      LEARNING Methodologies
    • Exercises
    • Facilitator Feedback
    • Lecture & Discussion
    • Peer Feedback
    • Site Visit
    • Test
      Target Audience
    • Entry-Level Engineer